Community Centred Knowledge


A collective of artists, researchers, and educators, we seek to enable individuals, families and communities to participate effectively in finding solutions to their own challenges which disturb or subtract from their wellbeing, health and living full lives.


We seek to work with community: as groups of 'families' organised together and even as organisations. We want the truths to be shown and told which have greater relevance to us who are termed ‘hard to reach’ or ‘at the grassroots’ and we want to bring a more whole picture of what is happening to the world by giving voice to the yet unheard stories.


All people have intertwined histories and these histories, documented or not, factor into and affect current community dynamics. We engage people in a process of examining these dynamics and identifying where there can be common solutions and differentiated solutions to bring about the most harmony and sense of wellbeing and ease. We draw on cultural value frameworks for understanding how challenges are defined, expressed and experienced and build these up through creative engagement with those we work with in the community.